Case Study: Wayfinding digital signage at Centre du Florès

In 2011, we provided a unique solution to Centre du Florès, a network of healthcare centers located in the lower Laurentians just north of Montreal, that combined digital signage, way-finding and meeting room management. We created a case study for your to learn more that you can read on our website or by downloading this PDF.

The Centre hosts many meetings in the conference rooms of its main building and, before they contacted us, were having problems with managing the bookings and meetings being constantly interrupted by people searching for the correct room. As a secondary goal, they wanted to communicate center-related news and showcase clients’ achievements.

The solution we implemented combined multiple commercial LCD screens, our ChannelView web-based digital signage CMS and an open source meeting room management application that was also accessible via a browser.  Out of the box, our digital signage CMS did not offer meeting room management, but we integrated and started hosting a GPL web application called MRBS that took care of that nicely.

With this system, the center has increased its resource utilization efficiency and benefits room managers, organizers and attendees. Now, instead of relying on administrative personnel to take bookings and fill up spread sheets, meeting organizers are able to quickly complete bookings on their own.

Not only does the Centre’s signage system allow for the display of meeting schedules; it gives the Centre a new channel through which it can communicate with its guests. We developed templates that match Centre du Florès’ branding image so that they can  display slide shows that showcase client  achievements and happenings at the Centre.

We can now offer this integrated solution easily and effectively, but it isn’t limited to meeting or conference room management. Many assets can be managed and displayed using this combined solution, such as  restaurant tables or rental vehicles / equipment.

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