Digital Signage Books

Setting up and running a digital signage network isn’t always easy. Sometimes its difficult to find what technology will help you reach your marketing and communication goals. Other times, the problem is that you haven’t even set a clear and defined goal!

To get your digital signage network setup without a hitch (or almost), your best bet is usually to contact a digital signage integrator like Mirada Media. There are a lot of people and different expertise needed to install and manage digital signage. From software and networking to installation and then onto content creation, all this specialized know-how is required to design the perfect network and the message that will reach your audience. That said, organizations want to do certain things internally. For instance, integrated marketing communications outlined by your teamĀ  will help you assure a uniform message and branding across all mediums.

With all this in mind, Mirada Media has amassed a list of books that will help an organization, whether you’re a company looking to use digital signage, an A/V provider looking to expand your offering or a design firm looking for “what works”, to understand the many facets of digital signage.

We’ve seperated our list in three categories: Technology, Marketing and Design. You can click on the different titles to get a small preview and (possibly) a review (we’re still working on that).




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