Case Study: iQ Food Co. Digital Menuboards

Earlier this year we provided the hardware, software and programming work for a digital menu board system at iQ Food Co., a start-up quick-serve restaurant located in Toronto, Ontario (get map). We took the creative by iQ’s design firm and made user-editable templates that the restaurant’s management can control with our MenuView CMS.

A case study is available on our main website and as a PDF download detailing how digital signage in the store gives life to their creative ideas and provides a unique experience to their patrons.

You can also stream one of their promotional videos below or check out the whole album on our Vimeo page.

New Richtree restaurant opens with Mirada Media multi-station digital menu board system

Richtree Market Restaurants installed a 15-screen digital menu board system in their new location at the Promenade Shopping Mall in the Greater Toronto Area. The installation also marks the beginning of a software integration partnership between Mirada Media and SilverWare POS that allows Richtree employees to manage menu items via their quick-service POS terminal.

TORONTO, ON & MONTREAL, QC – February 24th, 2010 – Richtree Market Restaurants, a chain of market-style restaurants with locations across Ontario, has installed a 15-station digital menu board system in its new location at the Promenade Shopping Mall in Thornhill, Ont.

The installation is the first of its type for the restaurateur. Traditionally, static and chalkboard-style menus were used over stations but Richtree is trialing digital boards in an effort to increase efficiencies, modernize their operations and as part of a larger brand refresh effort.

The boards are powered by a system born of the integration partnership between Mirada Media, a digital signage software developer and integrator, and SilverWare POS, a developer of front-of-house  and back-office solutions for the hospitality industry. The combined solution allows restaurant managers at Richtree to modify items that appear on the menu boards using the same interface that manages order entry and inventory.

Increasing overall revenue was also a benefit Richtree sought out. Mirada Media’s web interface allows the remote update of images and videos in certain areas of the screens to be used for merchandising and promotional efforts and to attract patrons into the restaurant.

“We always look for opportunities to simplify the integration of digital menu boards into our client’s work flow,” says Carlo Pansera, Mirada Media’s VP of Operations. “With more than a dozen menu boards and quite a few more employees, it was important to create a solution that fit the often hectic environment of a quick-serve.”