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Mirada Media Digital Signage Makes Meetings Easy at Centre de Florès



Centre du Florès


A network of centers providing adaptation/readaptation services to children and adults with serious mental health problems.


April, 2011.


Saint-Jerôme, Québec, Canada.


Meeting management, wayfinding, to communicate with clientele and to free up resources.

The challenge

The Centre du Florès provides services for children and adults with serious mental health problems living in the lower Laurentians north of Montreal. The Centre regularly hosts meetings in conference rooms located in the basement of the building. Meetings are attended by both staff and visitors, but aside from the Centre's front-desk receptionist, to whom conference room booking responsibilities were delegated to, there were no human resources dedicated to meeting management. As a result, meetings were often disrupted by people searching for the correct room. Centre du Florès needed a signage solution to facilitate way-finding on both the main and basement levels that is updated automatically. They ultimately chose a digital signage solution over other media because it can be integrated with meeting management software, greatly improves way-finding, and allows for the display of additional content that the Centre wishes to share with its visitors.

The installation

Mirada Media, a leading Montreal-based digital signage integrator, installed two 32-inch commercial-grade LCD screens in the Centre's reception area which display the meeting room schedule for the day. Meeting rooms are booked online using MRBS, an open-source PHP- and MySQL-based resource allocation software, and changes to the schedule are integrated with and updated automatically on the screens in the Centre. The screens also feature slide shows that showcase client achievements and happenings at the Centre built from templates that are consistent with the Centre's branding image.

Increased resource utilization efficiency

Having a proper meeting management system benefits stakeholders across all levels of an organization. Attendees, particularly visitors from outside of the organization, have a more pleasant experience because they are properly guided to the correct location. In addition, meeting organizers are able to quickly complete bookings on their own, and do not have to call on their colleagues for assistance in booking a room. Finally, administrative personnel are able to focus on other higher value-added tasks because meeting bookings are handled via an easy-to-use software interface instead of by hand. Early results from the Centre du Florès validate this claim. Francine Lacasse, assistant to the general manager at the Centre, notes that since the implementation of Mirada's venue-booking solution, "the receptionist is free to complete other tasks, and because visitors know which room their meeting will be held in, there are fewer disruptions to other meetings."

Scalability and flexibility

The beauty of a web-based venue management system lies in its ability to be used in organizations of all sizes, as well as the fact that it can be tailored to meet specific organizational needs. The Centre du Florès, with under ten meeting rooms, can be classified as a smaller venue; however, Mirada's ChannelView platform can be easily be scaled to accommodate the needs of users in more complex organizations such as employees at a large corporate headquarters, service staff at hotels, or booking agents at convention centres The ChannelView platform is also flexible in that content can be added according to the needs of the organization. Because the signage solution is software-based and dynamic, content changes can be executed instantly without compromising functionality.

Better brand building

A key success factor in boosting brand awareness and recognition for organizations of all types is to deliver focused, consistent messaging and content that is of interest to guests. Not only does the Centre's signage system allow for the display of meeting schedules; it gives the Centre a new channel through which it can communicate with its guests. The screens in the reception area display slide shows that showcase client achievements and happenings at the Centre, and are laid out using templates that match Centre du Florès' branding image.

Initial observations suggest that Mirada's digital meeting and way-finding solution is a success at Centre du Florès. According to Ms. Lacasse, "The system has been well received by all" and is "fully in line with our needs".

About Centre du Florès

Situated in the Laurentian mountains just north of Montreal, the Centre du Florès is part of the Quebec Health and Social Services Network and provides specialized adaptation and rehabilitation services that promote the social integration of individuals (child, youth or adults) with intellectual or pervasive developmental disorders while providing support for the parents and family. Rehabilitation services are provided at a residential and vocational level for adults with serious mental health problems.

About Mirada Media

Mirada Media is a Montréal, Québec-based full-service provider of digital signage technology and creative design services. The company has extensive expertise in content design and efficient digital signage network management. Mirada Media also offers marketing strategy services and multimedia design that complement any digital signage initiative. For more information about this press release or the digital signage industry, please contact us.

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