District 9 CBS Outdoor Ad

I like this District 9 ad (embedded below) that appeared on a CBS Outdoor Digital Screen at Toronto’s Bloor subway station. In the same vein as the movie’s faux-documentary style, it urges Toronto Transit Commision (TTC) travelers to report suspicious alien activity by calling a phone number or visiting the feature film’s website.

In terms of targeting, a small detail like including the line “Keep the TTC a humans only zone!” is much more feasible with digital than print and makes all the difference in the way it speaks to the audience. Add the alert-style messaging that seems right at home in the subway setting and gives it a quasi-real time feel, and you’ve got one engaging ad.

This ad also shows how digital signage can be used as middle media. The viewer can continue the experience and the advertiser can elaborate on its message when the target visits the displayed website (I called the phone # and it was a fax machine for whatever reason…maybe the campaign is done).