One thought on “3 – 5-screen Digital Menu Board”

  1. I have a client who wants to install Digital Menu Boards in a Fast Food Style setting / front counter. 3-7 Displays per store. They want to test out 1 store first with the technology.

    I have used & developed content for Disney Cruise Line & Hard Rocks using Fire Fly / Mantis systems (Focus) in the past 10 years. Most of my experience has been in the MPEG server side for show playback & Que Line videos / keeping multiple displays in sync using Creston. So I am looking for some newer technology that might exist for Menus Boards that are Cheaper.
    Right now the client is saying that they do not want to update content all they time but have access to it, which may fall back on my side to manage via FTP.

    Please respond with solutions for min 3 displays per store up to 7 per store. We will be testing 1 Store first before rolling out, pricing to follow that as well. Thank You Terry Briegel

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