Installation: Centre Medical Lacordaire (2008)

Centre Medical Lacordaire

Company Overview:

Opened since 2000, Le Centre M├ędical Lacordaire is a public clinic located in St-Leonard at 5650 Jean-Talon, corner Lacordaire, Suite 201. Le CML offers several medical and paramedical services including cardiology, gynaecology, urology, endocrinology, andrology, pneumology, paediatrics, as well as nutrition consulting and many other services.

Project Scope:

Le CML was looking for a novel way to inform patients and keep them entertained while sitting in their multiple waiting rooms. As medical professionals, the clinic employees have the responsibility to disseminate health advisories and to promote information on important health issues. An added bonus for them would be if the clinic’s partners could publicize their health-related products and services. The information needed to be displayed in an eye-catching and would consist primarily of their services, health notices, general information and entertainment.

Mirada Media’s Solution:

Mirada Media Inc. addressed Le CML’s needs with an integrated digital signage solution composed of our Channelview system, a commercial grade media appliance preloaded and configured with their CV Player software along with two 40″ commercial LCD monitors by Samsung, displaying captivating and dynamic HD content. This system allows full control of the content as well as the screens, from our office in Anjou. It also allows the flexibility to add new players easily, another of CML’s prerequisites since the clinic would soon be expanding and opening a new private health service in the same medical complex.

Mirada Media Inc. was mandated to provide turnkey management of CML’s new digital signage network. Elements such as content scheduling, network programming and management, as well as hardware monitoring and support are all performed via the ChannelView system from our office. This setup allows Le CML to change the dynamic content on their screens as often as they like without the added expense of sending someone on site to change a static sign. The ChannelView system offers a digital platform for dynamic content distribution (video, Flash, etc.) and live information sources (news, weather, etc. from RSS feeds) which are updated instantaneously. This unparalleled flexibility is a key factor in the increasing adoption of dynamic digital signage in every marketplace – from retail to corporate to educational environments, and more.