Flash Code: Tweener

Adobe Flash LogoAs you all already know, Adobe’s Flash platform can be a pretty useful technology for the digital signage world. Light-weight “movies”…check. Ability to integrate dynamic data…check. Ability to create interactive experiences…check. Large and easy to find pool of talent to design/program it…check. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its drawbacks (e.g. its inefficient and CPU-heavy, especially at today’s higher resolutions) but the list of benefits is long.

For those that animate with Actionscript (the proprietary Flash programming language) instead of the timeline, our programmers found a useful class package that make animating “tweens” a breeze. The Tweener code pack’s main goals are simplicity, flexibility and modularity. The syntax allows you to tween any numeric property of any object of any class, not just specific properties of Flash’s built-in Classes. Ever want to animate a blur or glow filter? Tweener makes filter properties as easy to tween as the x-position or width of a movie clip.

Happy coding!

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