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Return on Investment (ROI) is a key measure of any successful initiative.  As a business owner and decision maker, it is important to look at the multiple benefits that Digital Signage will bring to your daily operations.

The financial benefits are sales increases, cost reductions & streamlining, and revenue generation.  More intangible benefits are increased efficiency in employee training and improvements in both consumers’ shopping experience & store atmosphere.

Increase Sales, Reduce Costs and Generate Revenue
The financial advantages of Digital Signage are strongly cumulative.   Your business’ bottom line will see improvement through a combination of some or all of the following metrics:

  Increase in sales $
  > Increased transaction size
  > Increased shopping time
  > Increased impulse buying.
  > Intensified brand recognition and awareness buying.
  > Up-sell, cross-sell and personalized offers.
  > Promotion of a larger, more attractive inventory, using less floor space.

  Revenue generated from advertising and promotions
  > Work with your suppliers to streamline co-op advertising budgets and promotions programs (POP merchandisers, static signage) to generate added revenue by selling advertising space and display rental charges.

  Reduced costs of advertising and media production
  > Reduced multiple channel advertising complexity and costs.
  > Develop re-usable media files

Increase Efficiency in Operations Management

  Improve Productivity: Employee Training
  A Digital Signage network infrastructure can be leveraged to deliver training and corporate communications to employees.  Schedule local and national training sessions and eliminate training CD/DVD production and shipping costs. 

  Operations & Inventory Control
  Digital signage technology can be integrated with inventory and logistics (shipping, order, manufacturing) software to communicate real-time directives and adjustments to various departments.

Enhance Buying Experience and Store Atmosphere

  Smarter audiences expect a smarter medium
  Consumers in the 21st century have become increasingly media-savvy, difficult to reach, and dismissive of the advertising clutter which follows them every day. Traditional marketing communications mediums, such as television, radio, and print, still hold their role in pushing brands and new products. Nevertheless, the increasing cost of traditional media relative to the measured returns continues to perform with inefficiency.

Digital signage is an innovative medium that uses display software & technology to effectively push product promotions at the point of purchase and pull consumers into the image and lifestyle promoted by today’s brands.
For retail installations, Mirada Media will work along with business owners and store designers on enhancing the shopping experience, turning the retail space into an energetic, trendy, and vibrant environment.

  Influence customers purchasing decisions
  It is observed that up to 70% of purchase decisions are made at store level. The following are statistics compiled by IBM in a test study of the effectiveness of using digital signage and merchandising in retail environments:
  > Customers are up to ten times more likely to observe dynamic media than static

  Dynamically delivered rich media can improve sales by up to 30% because:
  > Customers are up to ten times more likely to observe dynamic media than static.
  > Customer memory of dynamic media increases up to five times.
  > Customer perception of product quality increases up to 15%.

  Further information gathered by a Nielsen Media Research study delivers this compelling statistic:
  > In-store broadcast television builds brand equity, customer satisfaction and shopper loyalty.
  > Customer memory of dynamic media increases up to five times.
  > Average ad recall was 57%, compared to 24% for TV ads.

  Real-time content customization
  Focus your merchandising efforts to match specific customers, regardless of where they are located. Digital merchandising allows you to adjust promotions and prices to match specific demographics, languages, events, holidays, competitor offerings and economic pressure-on the fly. When new merchandise is available, you can let customers know immediately. The ability to tailor content in response to changing demographics, inventory, time and location is invaluable.

  Case study: Proven market impact
  IBM Study
A major U.S. restaurant chain tested the dynamic digital merchandising solution for retail from IBM to entice customers to try new offerings. The result—significant improvements in sales and customer satisfaction:
  > Average purchases increased 10%.
  > Annual sales increased 31%.
  > Soft drink sales increased over 20%.
  > Dessert sales increased 8%.
  > Credit card usage increased over 30%.
  > Food cost reduced, due to better menu management.
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