Why invest in digital signage at a restaurant?

Schedule and display menu items and promotions with dynamic content, to improve restaurant atmosphere, increase efficiency, and influence your clients' purchase decisions.

Increase sales and profit

Use eye-catching displays for your in-store ads and menu boards to influence your clients' purchase decisions and get a higher margin per transaction:

  • Increase sales of promotional items
  • Increase sales of high margin items
  • Up-sell and increase check averages
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Flexibility, efficiency and lower costs

Dynamic screens mean that your menu and ads can adapt, give you consistency and save you and your staff time and effort.

  • Manage content from anywhere
  • Change menus and ads based on time of day
  • Content is always up-to-date
  • No manual change of posters
  • Make changes without costly reprints
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Strategic positioning of digital signage in a restaurant



Attract clients by displaying featured menu items and promotions.



Display daily and seasonal promotions to influence clients' meal decisions.


Digital Menu Board

Display menu items, integrate video, update items & pricing instantaneously.



Sell space to local and national advertisers and community organizations.


Point of Purchase

Display product advertising loops and allow self-serve ordering.



Display product loops and menus on screens encased in weatherproof enclosures.

Digital Menu Boards
Your most important communication tool

Whether its to add motion or to plan, test and deploy more effectively, digital menu boards will whet your clients' appetites and make you more money. Learn more on the benefits of going digital and how our software makes it happen.

Digital Menu Board Software
Screen Hardware
Should I get a TV or a pro panel?

Robust warranties and lengthy ratings for continuous hours of operation are just a few of the benefits that using a commercial LCD monitor panel for your digital menu board (or any digital signage project) can provide. Learn more about our hardware.

Commercial vs. Consumer TVs
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