We provide professional and commercial-grade hardware solutions

Our screens, media players and mounting hardware are built to last (with warranties to match) and survive the sometimes grueling landscape of the commercial environment.

We carry a wide range of products

Digital signage networks can have a lot of "moving parts". Whatever may be needed to create effective digital signage, we pride ourselves on providing high quality and durable certified products that provide an excellent return on investment and safety for your audience.

  • Commercial flat panel monitors (LCD / LED)
  • PC media players
  • Mounts
  • Video-wall systems
  • Menu board mounting
  • Video-over-CAT5 distribution systems

Why invest in commercial-grade hardware and displays?

On first sight, many people would not distinguish any difference between a commercial panel and a consumer television (TV).

You may be lead to question the higher initial price tag of professional panels when they look so much like televisions, but it is important not to confuse these two technologies, since their functions and applications vary greatly.

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As an investment, a predictable long-term total cost of ownership is far more important than a low initial cost.
Digital signage is an investment

Price and total cost of ownership

Using TVs for digital signage will result in constant maintenance and adjustments, while commercial displays will proactively prepare you for any potential issues thus eliminating downtime.

Replacing a non-functioning TV requires costly labor and equipment to swap the unit, during which time your message is no longer being communicated to your audience. As an investment for your business, commercial panels are designed to be a reliable asset, specially optimized to perform perfectly, fit for purpose, without any compromise to quality. Digital signage isn't simply an additional accessory to your business, it's an important means of communcation and it has proven its worth as a permanent solution bringing significant business benefits.

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