Digital Signage Software

The ChannelView Platform

Our digital signage software allows you to control multiple screens at various locations from the comfort of your browser with advanced scheduling of images, videos, template-based slides, tickers and layouts with minimal training.

Cloud-based CMS

OS agnostic (Windows, MacOS, Linux) browser-based content management with no software to install.

No Windows Pop-ups

Our Linux-based player software comes pre-installed on our approved PC appliances for unitterupted playback.


Easily grow your network with a per-player subscription with no limits on number of users.

Digital signage software highlights

Content flexibility

Mix images, videos and reusable dynamic templates. Integrate live video feeds or custom-made applications.

Manage campaigns

Manage promotional campaign and playlist start and end times. Target campaigns to different regions or languages.


Change content at different times of the day or days of the week. Increase conversion rates by tailoring your message to the day-part.

Remote management

Control thousands of screens from a central location. Employees don't need to change boards and posters.

Screen Zones

Divide your screen real-estate. Display videos aside news tickers and other content widgets.

Easy changes

Change videos and messages with a few mouse clicks. No need to re-print static posters.

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