Digital Menu Boards

Integrated digital menu board solutions
Your menu board is your most important means of communication.

It'll likely be the first thing your client reads. It's what sells—what informs. Let Mirada's expertise, design and software make it better.

Thoughtful design

We work with you to develop and test the layout and images that sell more.

Feature-rich software

Take control of the editing of items, creation of promotions and switching of menus.

The MenuVIEW digital menu board solution

Our integrated digital menu board solution creates the perfect digital menu board for your restaurant by combining:

Content example
Professionally-designed custom content
Media console
Business-class HD media consoles
Easy-to-use web management system

Digital menu board software highlights

Stunning visuals

Enhance shopping experience with high-impact images & video. Engage and entertain patrons while boosting your brand.

Manage campaigns

Manage promotional campaign and playlist start and end times. Target campaigns to different regions or languages.


Change menus at different times of they or days of the week. Increase conversion rates by tailoring your message to the day-part.

Remote management

Control thousands of menu boards from a central location. Employees don't need to change boards for day-parts.

Local management

Local managers can change prices & remove items. Easy, form-based CMS requires little training.

Easy changes

Change of items, prices and promotional ads with a few mouse clicks. No need to re-print back-lit boards.

Menu board consultation
A digital menu board built for your restaurant

Do you want to know how a digital menu board can benefit your restaurant? Do you want a software demo? Talk to one of our specialists today!

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Screen Hardware
Should I get a TV or a pro panel?

Robust warranties and lengthy ratings for continuous hours of operation are just a few of the benefits that using a commercial LCD monitor panel for your digital menu board (or any digital signage project) can provide. Learn more about our hardware.

Commercial vs. Consumer TVs
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