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1) I’m very interested in Digital Signage. My business is small; will the impact of digital signage in my location(s) be similar to that of a larger business?

70% of all purchase decisions are made in-store.  Therefore, each time a customer walks into your store, you have the opportunity to influence his purchase decision.  This principle holds true for any type of business of any size.  Your goals are to direct traffic into your store and convert to sales the highest percentage of shoppers

Digital signage is a smart and effective medium to connect with your customers and influence their purchase decisions at the point of purchase.  It is the modern version of traditional POP marketing. Digital signage will enhance a client’s buying experience and your store atmosphere. You will increase your sales, generate additional revenue from advertising and promotions, improve your store’s atmosphere, and reduce your incremental in-store marketing costs.

2) What are the advantages of digital signage? How flexible is your product?

With the ChannelView Solution, you can target the content to a single screen or a group of screens located in specific geographical locations, areas/departments in store and to specific cultural groups.  You can also trigger specific content to play based on variables, such as time of day, day of week, season, and temperature.

3) You mentioned Digital Narrowcasting in your brochure and website. What does it mean?

Digital narrowcasting refers to the targeted distribution of multimedia content to specific venues and even individual displays within those venues. Narrowcasting provides precise targeting to ensure that the content is timely and relevant to its intended audience. Therefore, all other applications that do not focus on selling a product or directly pushing a brand are categorized in digital information narrowcasting.

With digital signage, the information displayed on the screen can be a mix of advertising, promotions, merchandising, and entertainment, all playing simultaneously.

4) What kind of screens produces the best impact?

There are so many types of display mediums (LCD, plasma, projectors, DLP displays) and this really depends on the type of content you want to have shown on the screens and how big you want your screen to be. If you want something small which consists of screens up to 32”, then LCD is your best bet. If you want something a little bigger, then you should probably go with plasma. LCD screens should also be considered over 31” because their prices have dropped considerably and they have a higher resolution than plasma. Also, LCD’s do not have the problem with “burn-in” like plasmas have. If you want to show video content only, then plasma is the technology for you.

5) Do I have to remove shelf space? Do I have to renovate or change the design of my interior? How will this fit?

As a digital signage integrator, an important part of our service is consulting with you on the best location for a screen.  The best locations do not always coincide with the easiest installation.  This is why we have many options to choose when it comes to mounting style.  Your screens may come from the ceiling and there are many wall mounts that allow for flexibility which can easily fit into your environment. We will only be using such a small section of your store, and this small section will be producing such a big impact.

6) How secure is my digital signage network? Can someone easily hack my remote management system and bring the whole thing down?

Your digital signage network is very secure and is being constantly monitored. There are no documented cases of someone, with the use of this software, being a target of a hacker and losing valuable operational use from their screens. Wireless connections may cause a problem with the system’s security, but most of our deployments are not wireless.

7) Do I have to take care of the ongoing servicing and management of the system myself?

No, our ChannelView solution is hassle free. This means that Mirada Media manages all network management and content management procedures, in turn allowing you to focus on what you do best.

8) Is their a way for you guys to create the content I want to have shown or do I have to figure that out all by myself?

Digital signage (DS) content designing is different than traditional methods.  There are many factors to consider in which content can be ineffective and\or damage the screen. We recommend that Mirada Media be commissioned as the content provider for your digital signage network.  We are experienced in DS content creation. DS content is derived from existing and new, creative designs. Flash animations, videos, database driven information are all added to the traditional still images.

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