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The Application of Digital Signage in Your Business

Digital signage can be applied for advertising, merchandising, and information display purposes.  There is an endless list of environments that can benefit from digital signage and, most often, the application of the medium is a mix of the following three (3) content classifications:

Digital Advertising

Digital signage networks which drive advertising revenue share a few similarities with television broadcasting networks.  Advertising rates are determined with cost per thousand (CPM) impressions and gross rating points (GRP).  However, digital advertising has taken over where traditional television advertising is beginning to lose its effectiveness. 

Digital advertising has many significant benefits/advantages and the installations are growing at a rapid pace.

    Generate additional revenue from 3rd party advertisers
Pull consumers to products, brands, and stores.
Bring added value content to enhance the shopping/entertainment experience
Deliver messages with high impact
Segment content to air at specific times
Develop & broadcast content targeting consumers along geographic & demographic parameters

Digital Merchandising

Digital signage installations for product, brand, and service merchandising are an essential tool for conducting business in the 21st century.  Digital merchandising applications can be segmented into three categories: fixed, mobile, and interactive.

    The implementation of a digital merchandising network, whether in an independent retail store or a national chain, can include a mix of the three categories listed above.

Fixed Digital Merchandising

The use of a fixed display panel for product & price promotion, as well as image/brand marketing in a retail environment.

    Target your advertisement at the exact point of purchase
Push complimentary products in same or different aisles
Use product shots, informative flash, and video to show the attributes, benefits, and methods of use for the product.

Mobile Digital Merchandising

The use of a mobile unit with a display panel for off-shelf product promotion and cross-merchandising

    Use product shots, informative flash, and video to show the attributes, benefits, and methods of use for the product.
Sell new, high volume, cash cow products off shelf
Cross-merchandise complementary products

Interactive Digital Merchandising

The use of fixed or mobile digital merchandising method with an added interactive experience

    Give the consumer more product feature & benefits and control to facilitate the purchase decision
Promote products by giving the consumer navigation control on product features and applications

Digital Information Narrowcasting

Digital signage is a powerful vehicle that can inform, educate, and entertain its viewers.  The information narrowcasting application of the medium is most common found in non-retail environments where no products are advertised or merchandised. 

    Deliver a targeted message to a captive audience through a cost effective way.
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