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What is Digital Signage?
Digital Signage is the evolution of the traditional media vehicle for advertising, product promotion, and information display. The medium provides retailers and other businesses complete and centralized control of on-premise information presented through digital displays like plasma/LCD/DLP/LED screens, projectors, and kiosks.  Updated instantly through digital signage software, these displays will show rich media content, such as images, flash videos, live television and data feeds. 

Digital signage implementations are growing at a rapid pace across Canada.  The United States and Europe have already embraced the medium for many years and the results have been very positive.

From small & medium businesses to large corporations, the installation of digital signage technology is scalable, customizable and optimized for a specific application.

Digital Signage Applications
The most important benefit of digital signage, after income generation and cost reductions, is the versatility of content displayed by the various technologies.  The application of the medium will dictate the content that is created.  The three main applications of digital signage are Digital Advertising, Digital Merchandising, and Digital Information Narrowcasting.

The most effective installations often combine one or more of the digital signage applications.

Digital Advertising
Digital advertising is a form of digital signage where ad space is sold on networks installed in a chain of stores and high traffic areas, such as shopping malls, lobbies, and concourses. The effectiveness of digital advertising is set in pulling consumers to purchasing a product, identifying with a brand, and visiting a store.

Digital Merchandising
Digital merchandising is a natural extension of digital advertising. Retailers can use digital merchandising in two different ways: product promotion and image/brand marketing.

First, DM allows specialty stores, department stores, and convenience stores (etc.) to advertise products within their inventory. The media’s effectiveness is set in pushing specific branded or private label products and promotions onto consumers at the point of purchase; whether these products are located on-shelf or cross-merchandised on mobile units.

Digital merchandising can also be used solely to create, build, and solidify a store’s or brand’s image. This form of DM is most prevalent in fashion retailing, such as specialty boutiques, clothing and apparel stores.

Digital Information Narrowcasting

Narrowcasting refers to the targeted distribution of multimedia content to specific venues and even individual displays within those venues. In contrast to broadcasting, where each location receives the same content, narrowcasting provides precise targeting to ensure that the content is timely and relevant to its intended audience.

Therefore, all other applications that do not focus on selling a product or directly pushing a brand are categorized in Digital Information Narrowcasting.

For detailed information on all Digital Signage Applications, click here.

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